jannine koch


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My painting is marked by its references to recent political, economic and social events and affairs. It is determined by its content and meant to convey a message related to highly topical debates. The fundamental changes and developments of recent years like digitization and continual monitoring as well as military conflicts and the consequences of globalization are constituents of my work and motivate my painting. All these changes are increasingly intangible and communicated through the media in an indirect way which I try to reflect on in form and content. Pixels and spray paint for example serve as a leitmotif to represent systematic disinformation. Letters, codes, numbers or grids may on the one hand symbolize the continous flood of information. On the other hand it refers to the idea of total control through reason and technology. I am led by the desire to capture the zeitgeist of an era that is characterized by radical changes, dissolution, fear and destruction. Through the process of painting speed comes to a standstill which - for me - is the prerequisite for gaining a better picture of what is actually happening around us.

In parallel thereto I continuously work on drawings and etchings. In my mostly black-and-white charcoal or pastel drawings I have been fascinated with the idea of space and sculpture since 2010. Instead of erasing incorrect lines during the process I include them into my drawing in order to suggest motion through overlapping lines. In my etchings I have been dealing with the almost limitless universe of cartography since 2011. Apart from historical material I also employ local city maps or floor plans. Based upon this I create technoid creatures, organisms or conceived images and world systems.